A few lines on who we are and what we do

LIVEanEvent is one of the leading live streaming / webcasting solution providers in India, Middle East and Canada. We are a 100% subsidiary of OGES iNFOTECH, one of the upcoming IT Solutions Company in India, Middle East and Canada region.We deliver high quality TV experiences across multi-platforms of media - Smart TVs, game consoles, web channels, smartphones, and tablets.LiVEanEVENT.TV provides multi-camera live streaming production services & consulting for virtually any type of event. We offer one-stop services for the entire webcasting process: pre-production, broadcast identity design, live encoding, and post-production.We go on location to produce and stream live events, ensuring a smooth process from start to finish. Whether you need to webcast a corporate event, training session, companywide meeting, product launch, live performance, fashion show, or other live event, which we cover are available 24/7. We take your precious moments / events 'LIVE' to your dear and near one's those who unable to physically attend the event. Password protected private viewing and Public viewing options are available.

What is Webcast ?

Webcasting is an English term that comes from the root word "webcast" which is an amalgamation of the two words, "web" and "broadcast". The term webcast or Web Streaming refers to the process of communicating simultaneously across multiple computers/TVs for parallel distribution of media via the world wide web using the streaming technology.
It is mostly used to transmit live audio or live video content, which can either be LIVE or on demand. In the course of the transmission, the signals are compressed and decompressed as a result of which the audio and video contents can be experienced in the real time via web.

Benefits of Webcasting

  • Reach out to anyone, anywhere, anytime over the internet.
  • Increases the participation from few hundreds to many thousands, unlimited.
  • Most Effective, easy & reliable, yet powerful medium.
  • Saves time and highly cost effective.
  • On demand video can be made available for 24/ 7 viewing to suits the participants living different continents.
  • Ad free and non-interference watching.